Do you want to join us?

We provide respiratory patients with solutions that truly improve their everyday life and help them manage their disease. 

We develop an intuitive inhaler that helps to inhale the medication correctly and deliver the optimal dose into the patient's lungs. Our experience from clinical immersion gave us a deep understanding of the patient’s needs and insight into the complex management of the chronic disease. We apply design process principles to co-create the product with the users. We include healthcare providers and the patient's family to develop holistic solutions and elevate the patient's well-being. We aim to become a global company by bringing innovative respiratory products that would reach all those who need it.

Our three core values that the company is built on are:

Patients in the center, decisions driven by science and data  and viewing problems from different perspectives

You will be part of a creative and collaborative work environment.

We care for people and want to make a positive impact. We actively look for people that share our values but also hold a mindset that could complement us in an interesting way.


Do you want to do something useful and exciting? 

Do you want to revolutionize everyday life for chronic patients? 

At Andning Med we are looking for a lead business developer that would turn the untapped potential of our solution into a successful product, used daily by many patients. We have a lot of market leads and need help from a new potential co-founder to bring them home.


We are always curious in interesting people and competencies that can strengthen our team. We also have internships available. Please submit your resume and portfolio to